The furniture in a room makes a strong statement. It determines the purpose for the room, commands a certain type of behavior. What is your furniture saying?

Sometimes, to establish the right atmosphere, you need a certain look, a specific piece that sets the tone for the room. This piece of furniture may not exist…yet. But your idea can become a reality when you work with a hospitality furniture manufacturer who creates custom furniture. Southfield Furniture interweaves your ideas with structural expertise to create comfortable, durable pieces that are beautiful to behold

See Your Design Ideas Come to Life with Help from the Best Furniture Manufacturers

You have a vision for the perfect set of furniture for a room, but you lack the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to build it. You’ve searched furniture stores all around for that one piece or set you can see in your mind, but it just doesn’t exist. Take your vision to Southfield and let the expert furniture crafters create it. The shape, the upholstery, the color, the pattern—every aspect can be just what you want and made to last. Whatever furniture pieces you need to achieve your own original style, from sofas and chairs to benches and ottomans, can be all be custom-made by Southfield Furniture.

Quality Custom Furniture Made with the Finest Materials

Southfield uses only the highest quality materials when building custom furniture pieces. When you take the time to design an original piece, you want it to last. Expert craftsmanship goes into every furniture piece created here. American-made, with American-made materials, in the heart of the furniture industry in High Point, North Carolina, you can rest assured your order is received, filled, and shipped from one location. We produce our own shop drawings; build custom and in-line frames; receive, cut and sew all upholstery fabric; and upholster, inspect and warehouse finished product—all under one roof and under the watchful eyes of our experienced management team. When interpreting a new design, whether it’s from a sketch, a photograph or a shop drawing, Southfield transforms your ideas into exceptionally tailored seating at an affordable price.

Trust Your Design to the Hospitality Furniture Manufacturer Preferred by Hilton, Hyatt, Marriot, and Holiday Inn

The most prestigious hotel corporations trust their hotel interiors to Southfield for both ready-made furniture lines and custom pieces. Your original design can be made into one piece or an entire set depending on your needs. Sofas, chairs, ottomans, stools, benches, and more can be designed and built to your specifications. Expert hospitality furniture manufacturers at Southfield can transform your ideas into a beautiful piece that will exceed your expectations.

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