The Ultimate Comfort in a Sleeper Sofa

When you think of a sleeper sofa, what ideas and images come to mind? Probably a couch that’s uncomfortable to sit on as well as uncomfortable to sleep on. You think of the tedious process of removing all the cushions and pulling out the heavy metal frame with springs and a thin mattress. You may have been the victim of back pain from sleeping with a bar under your back all night. And on top of all that, sleeper sofas can be expensive.

Forget everything you think you know about sleeper sofas and try a DreamSleep® sofa. Comfort, convenience, and style come together in one piece of furniture that is comfortable in both couch and bed form.

DreamSleep® Offers Many Benefits over Traditional Sleeper Sofas

  • Solid sleep platform with 4″ of high resiliency foam delivers unparalleled sleeping comfort. No bars, no springs, no sagging.
  • Patented and revolutionary new sleep sofa sits and sleeps as good as it looks.
  • Easy conversion. Simply remove the back cushions and unfold the seating cushions into the bed. Some models even include a hinged one-piece back pillow that pushes up and out of the way while in bed form, remaining attached. To convert back to sofa form, simply fold the seat cushions back into place and either push the hinged back cushion down into place or return back pillows to their original position.

Space Saving. Mechanism design allows a queen size bed to fit in a full-size sleeper frame, making the sofa more compact to fit in smaller spaces.